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that no one is there with the guess that you deserve answers from. politics. are. coming up on our t.v. another american dies overseas fighting for the isis cause we look at what may have made fighting for the islamic state so appealing for some and asked if the u.s. will have to team up with assad to defeat the growing threat of isis. plus the blame game continues in ukraine this time with much higher stakes the west accuses russia of sending tanks and soldiers across the border while russia continues to deny any claims of involvement and update on the conflict just ahead.
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good evening it's thursday august twenty eighth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm in the a channel you're watching r.t. america we begin with new developments on the u.s. fight against isis president obama just spoke a short time ago about the need for alliances in the region to combat the growing terrorist group and the successful strategy though also needs strong regional partners and courage so far that countries in the region countries that don't don't always agree on many things increasingly recognize the primacy of the threat that i still poses to all of them and i've asked secretary kerry to travel to the region to continue to build the coalition that's needed to meet this threat. as i've said rooting out a cancer like i was told will not be quick or easy but i'm confident that we can and we will working closely with our allies and our partners now isis may be waging their war for an islamic caliphate across the iraq and syrian borders however their
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recruitment efforts are hitting really close to home a second american has reportedly been killed fighting for isis in syria durham on mohammed of minneapolis the state department has yet to confirm this death but caitlin hayden a spokeswoman for the national security council confirmed that officials will be following up on this lead meanwhile muhammad's family has reportedly been sent photos of his body right now little is known about him on muhammad but he is believed to have been killed in the same firefight that killed douglas macarthur mccain i was joined earlier by john l. esposito a professor of religion and international affairs at georgetown university to discuss the growing trend of american recruitment by isis and how the u.s. will deal with the terror group inside of syria so i first started out by asking him why isis seems to be appealing to westerners in general. well i think that one of these we should get first of all is that isis actually is appealing far more
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broadly than we really thought for example indonesians chechnya and so who would have thought that it would be already growing in indonesia. and i think in terms of the u.s. . and the and europe. if you think about it it's precisely what al qaida has been trying to do in recent years and particularly targeting use disaffected youth in one way or another disaffected be the first young person who died as a suicide bomber from florida talked about he was raised in a good middle class background family but talked about never really feeling that he fit in. kid yeah you know and they can be a variety of reasons for that sometimes you can just be a psychological personality but other times it can actually be depending on where you live for example if you're in florida or some of the politicians t.v. are very anti muslim and so you know here you are you may be raised feel that
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you're part of a country and in fact you feel you know when you're actually looking at media or looking at the politics of feel like you're the other you're not and then on the other hand you're looking at other parts of the world and saying wait a minute not only quote i look down upon because of my religion whether or not i actually practice it you know but because i'm labeled you know a muslim but look at these other areas of the country where in fact people are being. persecuted by authoritarian governments where you think that the u.s. and some of the european countries have either invaded or involved in massive such is situations of injustice right now. moving on to this next topic here is what i think i think is on the minds of a lot of people right now the u.s. is now considering airstrikes within the syrian border in order to combat isis and this means that the u.s. might potentially have to work with bashar al assad in order to get this done. but
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considering that just a year ago we were bashing bashar al assad we were calling him a terrorist and a dictator and you know throwing these bombastic words out of hand now we're faced with possibly having to make nice with him do you think number one that's something we're going to have got to do and number two can we make that happen can we can we defeat isis by teaming up with the charlotte but i don't think that can happen it would be so contradictory to both the u.s. and even the international community a good deal the international community's attitude towards the so-called leader of syria i just don't i just don't see that i think that and in fact i think the syrians in a way don't because we've had their foreign minister in effect say if they come in to go after isis if they're coming into a country they do expect the kind of military or air force response which of course
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if there were a concerted move by the u.s. and other strong powers the syrians don't have the aircraft to do that i think the challenge for the u.s. will be what kind of policy what kind of targeted air strikes and also what kind of assistance to what's left of the moderate forces because unless they can rebuild the moderate forces the job is to remain strong not just isis but others but in particular. so you've got to hit isis if you can in strategic ways to hurt it militarily but you also have to be able to now rather belatedly start dealing much more constructively and robustly with with and see. what would be empty. and also anti assad forces ok now correct me if i'm wrong are you basically saying that if we wanted to throw our weight around as the us and go into combat isis on our own without the assad regime's approval are you basically saying that maybe we
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can do so because he kind of has no recourse against us no i'm saying that if you have a terrorist threat you can wind up with in a situation that it's that chaotic or you can wind up with a situation in which not just the u.s. the u.s. would have to have broad if you will broad support from many of its allies allies in the region as well as in europe and so then you have an international response and at that point if if if if if i said says publicly you know the in effect i am the ruler of this area we really obama's statements that kind of made it clear that we really don't recognize his regime and his regime is legitimate leader and i think what the u.s. could say is we are not at all targeting assad or us his forces but we are going after this these are restored as
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a show you know speaking of alliances what role do you think the local alliances within that surrounding community what role of those people play how are they going to help us or can we help them to defeat isis i think that you know there has been an interest really on from countries as as different as cutter saudi arabia turkey . in a response and in the past they they would kind of be looking to the u.s. or the. e.u. . to be very much involved in taking the lead i think those are the countries that we will be looking to. they're in a better position i mean clearly jordan will be happy but jordan really doesn't have significant resources that. it can offer but i think that they will and there also been reports out of washington that the u.s. is talking to australia ok so we're going to have a broad scope of alliances here now the big question now is then how did we get
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here did did the us play up actually play a role in creating the current situation with isis did we have anything to do with this i think that in fact it's the facts on the ground the that made this happen the situation in syria the nature of the government the the inability of the moderate opposition to really work constructively together that's. seen for the job is to come in but the failure of the us and the e.u. to do anything by way of significant response to two years ago you to do that then created a worse situation and marie slaughter used to be in the clinton administration and then was a dean at woodrow wilson did an interview on the steps that needed to be taken this was several years ago and then i saw a couple of months ago being interviewed and she you know like what do we do and she said i said what we should do two years ago but it's sort of like saying not
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having done that you now have such a chaotic situation that there's kind of spiraled out of yeah i don't look to me at this point for a response and i think that's what makes it so difficult now the situation on the ground is so diverse and so divided in some ways for isis is is. in a funny kind of way a certain good reality you know operating right you know right now within the country given the other alternatives so you know isis and some of the more militant jot of screwups have basically weaken the moderates it's not just what us military has been able to do so this is actually you know making him look a little better on me and a little bit like frankenstein's monster thank you so much for sharing your insights today and that was john l. esposito a professor of religion and international affairs at georgetown university thank you so much for your time thank you. cheeseburgers video games playing basketball
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hammer at the mall all a typical suburban american teenager stuff right but then something happens something triggers a change and that's exactly what people in the twin cities are wondering seeing two young men from their towns convert to radicalized islam so what happened how do average american teenagers turn into radical jihadi fighters artie's a mirror david explores this seemingly growing trend. thirteen years after waging war against afghanistan to eradicate al qaeda the u.s. is now dealing with a potentially greater threat that of course is the threat of a terrorist organization isis that's exactly what was addressed here today by a panel of experts one of the things that the panel spend some time talking about is why why we've seen this rise of the isis group now georgetown professor john esposito said it had less to do with religion and more to do with
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a long list of other grievances the drivers include moral outrage disaffection peer pressure search for a new identity for a sense of meaning purpose and belonging there for issues of disenfranchisement a desire you know heightened political of consciousness and imperialism social justice and the notion of emancipation since many see countries as occupied and those grievances they say have resonated with small pockets of people all around the world isis is now comprised of fighters that represent more than forty nationalities now as to its very but most suspect the numbers of fighters with western passports is in the thousands and more than one hundred are thought to be americans one of the panelists spoke about whether we could expect those terrorist fighters to import those influences back here at home many of them have european passports which means that it's easier for them to return to their home countries
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and obviously european passport holders have more access to the u.s. so if it's not a direct threat against a homeowner to our european partners now it almost certainly will be in the future and terms of what to do going forward how to address the rising radicalization some panelists said that in the short term the u.s. must step up its military efforts but others focused on the long term strategy needed can do. and basic and enduring grievances in muslim countries that jihad is terrorist movements have exploited must also be addressed foreign boots on the ground dictated supported by the us out of convenience a failure to end a half century of israeli occupation of palestinian lands the treatment of palestinians as a paradigm for treatment of other muslims seen that way the u.s. employment of the region as an as an eternal cockpit for proxy wars were guard
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lists of the differing views on approach all of the panelists agreed that i think this is an unprecedented extremist group and will likely be around for years to come in washington david r.t. and the isis crisis will be part of the focus tonight on politicking with larry king tonight's guests include congressman paul ryan of wisconsin here's a little bit of his conversation with larry about the terakhir how to handle a group like this it's not a nation they behead people if you have any thoughts on that what do we do i do i worry larry that the president may not see this moment for what it is and how important it is not just for him but for our country the reason is are we going to show international jihad is are we going to show terrorists worldwide that we are capable of fully defeating them or are we going to have a containment policy which is an incentive for more terrorist attacks here's what i
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mean i think we made some big mistakes in syria and in iraq with the administration but these mistakes can be improved upon i think the president should not simply talk about how he's going to contain or respond to things or react to events like the mosul dam or the possible use the genocide i think the president needs to articulate that he has a plan a campaign strategy to finish isis off to fully defeat isis and then prosecute it. so tune in at nine pm tonight right here on our team america and today the western world woke up to the breaking news clamor that can best be described in one phrase the russians are coming the western it means stream media anxiety followed the ukrainian president's statement about russian troops invading his country while these accusations are not new both ukraine and the west fail to provide solid proof of moscow's involvement today these tool blurry photos were made public allegedly
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russian troops moving across ukrainian territory all these accusations came as anti-government forces made significant advances in eastern ukraine capturing several towns and surrounding a large contingent of ukrainian forces russian president vladimir putin released a statement today in russia and called for ukrainian leaders to end the fighting and begin peace talks he also had a specific message to anti-government forces saying quote i urge militias to open a humanitarian corridor to the surrounded ukrainian soldiers in order to avoid a senseless human losses and to provide them with the opportunity to freely withdraw from the area of combat to reunite with their families to return to their mothers wives and children and to urgently provide medical care to those wounded as a result of military operations and with more on that paul a slayer will bring in the latest. well some of the messages that are coming out of
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kids of all mixed indeed the latest comments from the ukrainian president petro poroshenko is an offer of cooperation that ukrainian and russian troops jointly patrol the ukrainian russian border so that no kind of military hardware can cross through that border now this comes hot on the heels of an earlier statement in which he directly accused russia of invading ukraine or they were just today because of the escalation of the situation in the and that's a region and because of the french role in beijing of ukrainian territory by the russian army i have decided to cancel my visit to turkey now russia has repeatedly denied that it's giving any kind of military assistance or troops to the government fiat has a spokesperson for the united nations secretary general has said that there is no verification that indeed russian troops are inside ukraine now spokesperson for the anti-government fighters has said that there are some russian volunteers fighting within their ranks most of whom there were three to four thousand of them among us
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many of them have already left time even more still here at least some have been killed many of those russian volunteers a former soldier now these ukrainian claims that russia is providing assistance to the anti-government fighters come at a crucial time and why it's so critical is because we see these anti-government fighters pushing the ukrainian soldiers back from previously held positions the anti government commando also went on to say that the aim of this counter offensive operation was to protect the civilian population of the debates region from the ukrainian military he also said that the army was targeting populated areas and critical infrastructure in terms of water gas and electricity supplies so that the result would be a burnt and earlier on thursday there was a barrage of rockets that hit the same to dennett's city we arrived there just moments later we saw at least two dead bodies. one was
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a woman who had been killed laci was manning a local convenience store and another was a person who was waiting at a bus stop now as residents started to emerge from the bomb shelters they reactions were shock and disbelief anger and incredible sadness at entire residential apartment blocks that had simply had the facade blown away people were sweeping up shattered glass and simply sobbing and telling us they could not believe that this happened. as the fighting intensifies and anti-government forces close in a coup for hope goes on on food free and faceless for catching infants also me coming it's not the first time you hear of soldiers feel about. the letters they can you can receive the globe in a trip to women a forever more nearly three hours later for her from a book club i'm sure to almost the only possible backwardness will tell you what the law will never forget are you sure it was a woman was still
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a man over there it was on whoever was there watching it i believe. yeah but you don't mind my lad yet i don't mind i love. that i don't know what. the doctor. did to the jewel of a couple of the band at all but. it's a far cry from the tough talk of ukrainian president petro poroshenko talking of the strong country and strong all me instead its young and often inexperienced soldiers as suggested by the conversation between a commander and a tank soldier in the time line. five. five i was like i am sure i was ok or was here in. the area where the it was the back way way out there was frustration. growing among the troops. if
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you're sure. that it's that for the families it might. be any. minute now. when you. get rid. of the government systems where the head of the interior ministry is locking horns with the leader of the radical nationalist weiser two groups which is taking part in the fighting in the country's east if our demands are not met will be forced to withdraw our battalions from the front line and launch a march on to kiev to carry out speedy reforms in the interior ministry your roche with your bragging you have deceived people who you lead into illegal armed units you are turning the people who believe you into cannon fodder. meanwhile losses on the battlefield are mounting and hearing the same two of demands can the ukrainian military defeat is on show the message is more than just symbolic
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a bad omen for the ukrainian soldiers encircled by self-defense forces in the region often it's fighting not only for lives but for an army that they are accusing of betraying them and leaving them to die i want to see on t.v. steve biko and as the tensions rise in eastern ukraine the u.n. security council held an emergency meeting to discuss claims made by ukraine that russia had sent a new mass of troops and tanks to fight alongside and ikea fighters are to correspondent marina portnoy has more from new york. this was the twenty fourth u.n. security council meeting on ukraine it was extremely heated with harsh accusations being thrown from all sides of the table korean officials claim that russia has launched a full out invasion in their country which moscow has denied at the emergency security council meeting u.s. and bastard the power of the accused moscow of repeatedly lying insisting that
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russia has moved troops tanks armored personnel carriers artillery and multiple rocket launchers into ukraine she insists that moscow cannot be trusted and presented her own case to council members one of the separatist leaders that russia has armed and backed said openly the three or four thousand russian soldiers have joined their cause he was quick to clarify that these soldiers were on vacation. but a russian soldier who chooses to fight in ukraine on his summer break is still a russian soldier yet still according to the russian government the soldiers were never there they were never in crimea either until russia announced that those soldiers who were never there had annexed crimea shortly after the u.s. envoy spoke her russian counterpart vitaly churkin fired back in the years no one is hiding the fact that they are russian volunteers is ukraine we would like to see similar transparency shown by other countries maybe our american colleagues can
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tell us what dozens of their advisors are doing in the building the ukraine security council or how many so-called mercenaries from their so-called military enterprises and. thousands of kilometers away from their land the word of the ukrainian security forces give the code a huge american weapons during the emergency security council meeting ambassador churkin presented statement that called for an unconditional ceasefire in ukraine but some members including the way mia said they wanted to read through the text before a vote would be hot in the meantime u.s. president barack obama is stressing that he has no plans to use military action to solve the problem speaking to reporters he said that the u.s. is mobilizing the international community to apply pressure on russia that was r.t. correspondent marina partner. and one hundred forty five people were arrested today in front of the white house during a protest against u.s. deportations of undocumented migrants the protest that was organized by two
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activist groups casa de maryland and casa de virginia started small and then gradually brought together several hundred people according to the representatives of the u.s. park police the protest was peaceful but some activists chose to engage in civil disobedience they were arrested for blocking a sidewalk everyone was released after paying a fifty dollars fine and that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we just covered go to youtube dot com forward slash r t america and check out our web site r t dot com for a slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at manila chan for now have a good night. drama is there to be a no origin. story others you know. exists to change the world right now. to make sure.
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from around the. globe. are you like me what your comedy used was and t what your comedy knew to be a bare breasted no holds barred fight to the dead. like a vampire pointing into the next in the corporate elite the billionaire freaks while they're going. out and that's what you get with my new show predicted in night. i'm marinating in the financial world needs to take back to serious developments have not started citibank's only taken to trade not going to get any economic benefit in life there are blues and there are facts.
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right now there's a debate raging over the u.s. government's plan to unleash a bunch of predators on its citizens i'm not arbitrarily calling them predators that's what the government itself called but i'm talking about the grey wolf an animal that is very good at killing other animals including the occasional human and now the u.s. fish and wildlife service wants to release a whole bunch of them over a massive area in the american southwest the greywolf used to be everywhere there but in the eighteen hundreds when more and more people were settling the land the wolves became a terrifying nuisance livestock was constantly ravaged by wolves and people work
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had to fight of getting mauled as a result southwestern state governments set up wolf extermination programs and they almost succeeded but wolf population was almost completely eradicated but then in the one nine hundred eighty s. the u.s. fish and wildlife service noticed that the ecosystem in yellowstone national park was totally out of balance elk were overgrazing which was causing river banks to erode faster the fish and wildlife service studied the problem and realized the eradication of wolves was partly to blame animals that the wolves used to kill we're now experiencing population explosions that were screwing up ecosystems so the government decided they needed to start reintroducing the world they started a small reintroduction program already and now they've got a new plan to release wolves over an area that's almost fifteen times bigger the plan caught the attention of hipster activists who decide. to embrace the world as
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an american hero at meetings in california while supporters show up in wolf costumes and sing ode to the wolves and not get it and it's a total history cause now saving the wolves but many of those hipsters don't live anywhere near the planned area for reintroduction and many of the people that do live there are very much opposed to having to co-exist with natural predator anyone raising livestock hunters citizens who actually encountered woes many of them are all against the plan wolves might have naturally roamed the southwest two hundred years ago but the landscape has changed drastically so no one knows how the walls or people will fare with this new plan so first the government eradicates wolves to pave the way for human expansion and now the government wants to bring the wolves back into the land that is now human don't mean it's a clear case of the government messing with my.


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